Lo Voglio

Tradition and innovation come together in the Lo Voglio collection.

A collection that speaks of falling in love, for the love of life and the richness of its interlacing. Refinement, originality and elegance are combined with portability and comfort; these jewels become a second skin, a concentration of art and fashion à porter for an intriguing woman who knows her strength and who loves to stand out with class, uniqueness and worth.

The .925 sterling silver filigree designs are mixed with bobbin lace blooms.. The silk thread continues and completes the architecture of the silver thread in a constant play between empty and full, transparency and volume, sensorial references and the connection between materials.


The workmanship is well-finished to the smallest details by Italian master craftsmen and Italian goldsmiths, custodians of ancient knowledge, who represent the excellence of pure made in Italy.

The undisputed protagonist of this line is the lace: weaves of threads that unite, relate and strengthen important ties.

This is the reason why the line is called Lo Voglio, intended for a romantic, strong and demanding woman. They are jewels of everyday portability, from desk to dusk, and at the same time declinable to the universe of weddings and haute couture brides.

Matching sets, jewellery-headpieces for hair, hand-kissed bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and porte-bonheur belts portray stories between dreams and reality, translating into the present of those who wear them.

hand–kiss bracelets



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